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about 25 minutes ago. >> i've done good the last couple of days. >> this gentleman behind us just bought it. >> i understand that went pretty well. >> that went well, yes, sir. i found my page, believe it or not. could i get you to sign this yes man -- sign for this gentleman over here? >> thank you c13 >> thank you very much, sir. >> what is your name? >> mark, m-a-r-k. >> this is actually the 1860's process? >> cameras we use are 140 years old. all the same chemo. that is why it looks the same. >> it is the same process then. >> the same chemo. >> great job with make-up and everything. >> that does look a tad like him. he's either gotten heavier or added some weight. >> put the mustache on. who was he playing? >> one of the delegates of the virginia convention when they first decided to cease from the union. he was a nondescript general sort of in the back when they had the big council with robert duvall which was going lee. >> somebody liked duvall as lee. >> he looked so good. he just look sod good. the make-up and everything. >> i see you have colonel turner up there. >> jeff daniel
ought to be telling us is of those of us who understand that the black freedom movement was a freedom movement and not just the movement for civil rights can no longer rely exclusively on the strategy of the electoral the government politics. .. for the me the question becomes what form leadership do we need, and where ought that leadership to come from? well, i'm persuaded that leadership is almost certainly not going to come from the main stream of the democratic party. and there's no way it's going to come from the republican party. so i think we need to look, my brothers, sisters, friends, fellow citizens, to the left. and to the left which understands the fundamental and intransigent resistance of a liberal democratic understanding of racism and racial justice. in pursuing that project, that images project of black freedom, in which black folk, brown folk, asian folk, native americans and others would be able as king put it in 1963, to live out the full meaning of the american dream. to have full, equal to be and substantiative citizenship. that's where the question matters. that
was when israel attacked gaza come when israel attacked lebanon, when the u.s. committed is outrageous and iraq we lost heir of public opinion and we had this little guy in tehran becoming the new hero of the arab masses, saying to them come your governments are doing nothing. i'm the one standing up against the west. in 2006, his numbers were way it. iran's numbers rose as arab alienation and frustration with the west group and as the ability or the willingness of their own leaders to challenge the west became obvious, they went down and aquatint shot went up. they became the resistance that was fighting for air of honor and everyone arab honor was viewed after abu ghraib, you know, it's tough. we don't want remember on the great. we forget it. arabs don't. we don't want to think about what the iraq war meant all those years, or what the continued situation of palestinians, or of lebanon beleaguered after all these years and continually under threat were occupied for 20 years. we don't want to think about that. but the arab world does. it is their history out of control. and so when i
. and first of all,let get the -- you have boston journalists for a long time. >> between us it's probably like what? sixty years? [laughter] we've been chasing him combined total fifty years each. >> wow. at this point in journalism, having a job is its own reward. you have an armful of to if i. a pulitzer prize, it's an impressive list. you know, it's a wonderful book. the thing that i was reminded of at the beginning, something when i was a kid my father was taking friend of mine to see butch cass did i did. he said whatever the movie makes of them, they are the bad guys. and the ore thing that reminded of is the old line from mel brookeson, the 2,000-year-old man asked about robin hood and he said, what about robin hood? he stole from the rich and gave to the poor. it's nonsense. he stole everything and kept everything. how did it happen? he said, well, he had a guy named marty. marty would tell everyone he gave from the knew. who knew. he hit you so hard you didn't know. i of thinking about that about bulger. there is a myth and i don't know that we want to believe the myth or whether
will match the value of the insurance. and those wages, that income can then be used by individuals to purchase the kind of health insurance that they choose, that the desire. let me than walking through a very basic illustrated basic plan. we are not wedded to this plan. this is to give you a flavor of how this plan that we envision might work. maybe look not at me but at the slide because this will be more informative. consider two types of families, very broadly speaking to a healthy family of four and the sick family of four. the sick family of four as we describe here is going to be in the top 20 percentile of the health care expenditures in the united states. if you look at the, family income, families with greater income, the y. axis is the deductible but these families would pay under this basic health plan. so again this is a supreme health plan but there are deductibles and the our copayment. some the details come we can go through the in the dna but the basic point to take from this figure -- from the q&a. those under threat of% of the federal poverty lincoln for those wh
-called integrated database. we found, only visited seven airports. five we interview the staff. they weren't using the so-called integrated database to record all the incidents. recording the outcome of these cases is important, especially when tsa employees move across airports. you really need to know what their track record is if you're going to have any disciplinary issues with them. thirdly, tsa needs to do a better job of tracking the time taken to not only investigate the cases, but adjudicate them. i call that the start to finish guide. we really need a little more awareness how long it's taken to close these cases it and it's interesting to note while tsa has standards, and expects its debt to comply with them it really doesn't track performanperforman ce against these standards in terms of timeliness. we think of tracking the cycle time's will really give good management some good insight on what airports, if there's any special issues or what types of cases are problematic. and, finally, we recommended that tsa establish so-called reconciliation procedures. that means once you complete
everybody takes to heart, i think that i want to thank you very much for spending your time with us this afternoon. >> thank you. that's great. [applause] >> and i also want to thank all of you for coming, and to let you know we'll be singing you a link to the video if you want to relive the wonderful afternoon. also, that are complementary copies of the atlantic. i want to echo what elizabeth said. the article on how old you can be to have a child is really, really interesting. but there's a lot of other interesting pieces in the magazine, so take a look. thank you very much. >> thank you [inaudible conversations] >> one, i think they serve as a window on the path to what was going on with american women at any given time in our past history. so if you look at a first lady's life, you get a view of what's going on with women. the other thing that i find very interesting from a women's history standpoint is that it's the conjunction of the public and private lives of women, which is a topic that many scholars are very interested in. and i think first lady's just epitomizes the comin
the mullahs? >> guest: some of them i got do you know fairly well and i used to spend one hour per day with them. i used to teach english occasionally and was elected to become the next leader after kohmeni and when he found out they tortured in the islamic president people were killed with very sorry trials coming he spoke out and lost his job and his been imprisoned most of his life. that is 20th-century politics someone within a breath of being the leader said i could not watch people being tortured and executed and he lost his job i got to know him. but all that is most people have reviewed the book from the "wall street journal" they have appointed more or less to keep their personal views to keep their preferences out of this to look at the shaw with the account. >> host: at the end who was still boyle to the shah? >> guest: at the end unfortunately he did not remain loyal to them. he would be executed by the regime of the military again what is less known is that the carter administration around of member 1970 decides the shah is no longer capable of power since he becomes very
used they'll best same one core belief that is the same belief that sustains jim crow that some of us, some of us, are not worthy of genuine passion and care and concern and when we effectivelye belief challenged that core belief stem this whole system begins to fall like dominoes the multia me a ethnic human-rights movement rooted in the h awareness of dignity and humanity of all people.ic it has to be a multi-ethnic because of it was born with the black folks in my.has destroyed the lives ofple and ce people in communities of all colors.gh nbc this same get tough bietoric that helped to giveive birth trto said drug war? now leading to another prison building boom ain't illei at suspected illegal immigrants we have feat --dots have to be building to connect the dots to build the mall site issue will ty us. race movement on behalf of all of us the first great awakening has required fromlindt hee colorblind slumber to to t wie realities of race in america not justice harry ofmbre their behavior but they're human this for their refusal and a failure to recognize anhumanity oand humanity
the key part of our position is simply that the use of the words such exchange and the use of exchange with a capital a map showing the defined term that the logical commonsense interpretation of that language is that the exchange under hhs stewardship shall remain as it would have been under state stewardship and shall be its functional equivalent and shall be subject to the same requirements and shall have the authority necessary to take such actions as are necessary to implement its functions. as the steward of such exchange our position is the secretary stands in stand in the shoes of our acts on behalf of of ed state government. this type of surrogacy were stewardship is commonplace and the law. and so that is what, that is what we feel 1321 and the statute as a whole contemplates. there is really no reason to impose this interpretation that professor adler's co-author michael canon has said would ring obama cares exchange engines to a screeching hault. >> mr. lazarus i hate to interrupt you but how much time to let because we want to receive all of your statement. >> have i overs
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10